High-cube shipping containers are the ideal solution for the storage or shipping of materials requiring increased cubic capacity. In contrast to our standard 8-foot-6-inch container height, high-cube shipping containers are 9 feet 6 inches tall. There’s more space to stack stored material higher and to hold lightweight, bulky cargo. The extra room in high-cube containers makes them versatile for both portable storage and intermodal transportation. High-cubes are popular for commercial, industrial, and municipal uses, plus an endless array of other applications.


All American Metals Inc 20-foot high-cube shipping containers meet the challenge of providing extra cubic capacity where space is limited. Their versatile 20-foot length makes loading, access, and handling easy while their extra foot of height adds capacity to stack materials higher or stow tall cargo.
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All American Metals Inc 40-foot high-cube shipping containers offer the most value in portable storage. Equipment fits easily into the 40-foot high-cube container, which features approximately the same capacity as a two-car garage. […]


All American Metals Inc spacious 40-foot high-cube double-door shipping containers deliver maximum value, convenience, and usable space. Their extra foot of height creates more capacity to stack bulky or lightweight cargo or equipment, while doors at both ends provide easy access to store, retrieve, and sort goods or materials.[…]


All American Metals Inc 40-foot high-cube refrigerated shipping containers provide the most space and value of all reefer options. The additional foot of height means more capacity to store temperature-sensitive goods or materials. […]


With an additional foot of height for more capacity to store goods and materials, the spacious 40-foot high-cube insulated shipping container provides the most value in temperature-sensitive storage or transportation. All American Metals Inc 40-foot insulated high-cube containers minimize fluctuations in interior temperatures and are ideal for protecting goods such as food, pharmaceuticals, furniture and paper against mold and condensation.[…]

Questions on Scrap Metals Delivery

How do I get my container delivered?

Delivery is booked at the time we receive complete or deposit payment and the container tends to be delivered on a HIAB at the origin port (a lorry with a crane on the back) which will lift the container to the ground where required. Sometimes a container will be delivered on an articulate trailer without a crane and the receiver will need to arrange for the container to be lifted to the ground, e.g. with a forklift truck. This should be clarified at the time of order.

Do you deliver Internationally?

Yes. We deliver from main land United State to all countries in the world. However, please note some countries can be tricky and sometimes delivery there maybe expensive.

How long does it take to get a shipping container delivered?

Delivery of shipping containers are 2 – 4 weeks from confirmation of order subject to availability. Delivery of container conversions within the United States are 3-5 working days from completion of payment.

Are there any restrictions on delivery Within the United States?

When ordering a shipping container, we will ask if there are any restrictions on site that may hinder the delivery of the container. For example if there are any obstructions regarding access of the HIAB, and if there are any overhead cables. The location of the site for the container, delivery cannot be over grass, unless it is agreed prior. In special cases we can arrange for the haulier to do a site visit (subject to cost), you can also send us some photos of the access that we can forward onto the haulier to check over.

Can I arrange collection of my shipping container?

Yes, you can arrange to collect your shipping container. When enquiring specify that you are able to collect, and we will arrange with the depot for you to collect the container once complete payment has been received.

How can I pay for a container?

Once you have confirmed your container order with our sales team, we will raise a proforma invoice that will be sent to the contact provided, this will include our bank details for a BACS payment. We can also take payment over the phone with a debit card and we can accept a cheque however we will need to wait for this to clear before we deliver the container.

Do you offer a guarantee on shipping containers?

When buying a container from us we do offer a guarantee, with used shipping containers we offer a 1-year wind and watertight guarantee and on new ‘one trip’ shipping containers we offer a 2-year wind and watertight guarantee. Also, please get in touch if you are experiencing any issues.

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