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Buy Aluminium Products Online

We are not just a bulk stock holder, All American Metals Inc offer extensive service, including a huge range of standard brass extrusion profiles.

All sizes of Aluminium Profiles available

Aluminium Angle, Aluminium Flat Bar, Aluminium Round Bar, Aluminium Square Bar, Aluminium Channel, Aluminium Rectangular Tube, Aluminium Square Tube, Aluminium Round Tube, Aluminium Sheet Cut to Size, Aluminium Full Size Sheet, Aluminium Plate Cut To Size, Aluminium T-Section, Aluminium Z-Section, Easyfix Tube & Connectors, Aluminium Five Bar Treadplate – Cut to Size, Aluminium Five Bar Treadplate – Full Size Sheet, Miscellaneous Sections, Aluminium Cope Mouldings, Aluminium Double Feathered Edge, Aluminium Gutter Sections, Hanging Z Section, Aluminium Fluted Edging & Nosings, Half Round Moulding, Wallboard Sections


Brass is available in all grades, as standard. With alpha alloy ductile and corrosion resistance is good to excellent in most environments. A high purity material, with high tensile strength that can also be cold worked, often used when severe bending properties are required. It can also be machined but only with slow speeds and very light feeds.
Applications using Brass:
Scientific applications
Heat exchangers
Decorative fabrications
In addition we recommend applying a plastic coating to one or both sides of your Brass Sheet to help protect the surface during transit or machining.

Whether you’re looking for brass sections such as: brass box section, brass tube, brass sheet or brass angle, UK supplier Metal Supplies™  stock a wide range of products to suit your requirements, whether they’re for domestic or commercial use.

We have several complementary services for Brass stock, such as shott blasting and primer painting.

Please take a look at our menu options on the left to the full range of brass supplies available for immediate dispatch.

Product packaging & Delivery

If products is stock , about 7-10days can delivery after received deposit.

If custom products ,  100tons about 20-25days , exceed 100tons within 300tons about 40-50days , exceed 300tons, within 60days .

The uncoated brass sheets are separated by paper to prevent static electricity from damaging the surface.

The innermost is wrapped in kraft paper, waterproof plastic paper is added on the outer, and the edge is protected by a carton corner.

The trays are fumigation trays or non-fumigation trays, one trays weight about 3-4 tons.

Brass Round and Square Tube

Brass metal is widely used in decorative, mechanical and architectural applications.

Brass, which is an alloy metal made of copper and zinc, is a great choice for applications requiring low friction, such as fittings and tools, as well as products designed for visual appeal.


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