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40ft New Shipping Containers40ft New Shipping Containers 40ft New Container – S3 Doors


40ft new container with our premium S3 style doors.

Price stated is for High Cube container (9ft 6in high)


40ft New Shipping Containers40ft New Container – S3 Doors

40ft new container with our premium S3 style doors.

Price stated is for High Cube container (9ft 6in high)

S3 Doors Features

Steel panel doors, lightweight, two locking arms, internal compressed door seals. These doors are unique to Shipping Container Source!
AdvantagesReduced weight makes them easier to use. Combines the best features of S1 and S2 doors.

Recommended forStorage of items easily damaged by moisture e.g. paperwork, fabrics, furniture, and frequent use.

40ft New Shipping Containers

40ft containers are the largest standard size manufactured from new. When used for storage, a 40ft new shipping container can be expected to last up to 30 years. They are built to very high standards in terms of strength and durability, to cope with the stresses of heavy loads and handling on overseas voyages. New ISO and used containers are guaranteed waterproof (made from strong COR-TEN steel), so whether you are looking for a container for export or storage, a 40ft new shipping container will not let you down!

To keep down costs for both new and used 40ft shipping containers, we buy direct in bulk from the manufacturers. This buying power enables us to offer new shipping containers for sale at the cheapest prices. We always hold good levels of stock in depots spread throughout the World enabling us to achieve the cheapest delivery rates possible. For instance, if you live in Southampton or Glasgow, why pay the price of a long haul delivery from Liverpool or London! In common with all of our containers we offer an industry leading choice of 4 door types, each designed for the differing needs of our customers

40ft new shipping containers are mostly only available as high cubes. High cube containers are a foot taller than standard units, and also make excellent structures to convert into something else. From office conversions to plant rooms and workshops a converted metal box provides a practical, multi-purpose space, giving you the highest levels of security and flexibility that any structure can offer. We can also modify 40 foot containers, second hand, refurbished or new, to produce any other size you require, including 10ft containers and 15ft containers which are popular for smaller spaces and storage loads. Or if you don’t quite have the room for a 40ft but still require a large container, we can provide 30ft containers. We also specialise in joining them together to created larger spaces. Popular modifications include ply lining and cladding as well as windows and doors in the side.


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