Buy PET FLAKES SCRAP ONLINE. We sell everything you want and need, We are the best when it comes to customers services.


Country of Origin: United State Lead Time: 7 – 10 Days
MOQ: 1 20 Foot Container Purity: ≥99.78% purity
Supply Ability: 100 tons per week Tolerance: ±1%
Length: Customizable Shipping Terms: FOB, CIF negotiated


Buy PET FLAKES SCRAP ONLINE. We sell everything you want and need, We are the best when it comes to customers services.

PET Flakes wholesale, Hot washed 100% clear flakes, PET plastic recycling generally refers to the used PET bottles, after crushing, washing, drying, heating plasticizing, and granulating. After processing, PET flakes supplier worldwide, for re-made PET related products, especially as a greater amount of chemical fibre textile materials. Clean Blue PET Flakes | importance of PET flakes

As PET bottles in the beverage, tableware has been widely used, because of health reasons, only one-time use, so the equipment has been recycled PET bottles is the people’s attention. General separation of PET bottles on the bottle, bottle drag, label, etc. Is PE, also can focus on recovery granulation. PET Bottle Flakes

1. Product: PET Flakes
2. Grade: recycled Bottle Flake, Hot Washed
3. Color: 100% Clear, white

4. Form: Flake 12 ~ 14mm

In Bales 50X50X80 cm at 80 Kg/Bale. Flakes washed or unwashed in 50 Kg used PP bags, 25 Mt. in each 40′ HQ Container. Clean Blue PET Flakes

White / clear pet flakes ( Hot Washed )

Light Blue and clear Pet Flakes (Cold & Hot Washed )

white/light blue mixed 75:25 Pet Flakes (Cold & Hot Washed) PET flakes supplier worldwide

Green Pet Flakes (Cold & Hot Washed)

Bulk Density: 320+ 50 Gms/litre

PET Flakes wholesale
Moisture: <1.5%

Polyolefins ( PP/HDPE/LDPE): <100

Metal: <50
PET Bottle Flakes

Poly Vinyl Chloride: <250

Glue and labels Flake weight: <1500

Flakes Size 5mm to 14mm: >70

Flakes Size 1mm to 5mm: <30

pH Difference: Max 0.5%

Pet Dust ( <1mm): <1

PET Flakes wholesale | Hot washed 100% clear flakes


Recycling saves money. It’s that simple. It’s in the best interest of all businesses to establish recycling programs. Recycling sets a good example for employees and surrounding businesses and ultimately reduces an organization’s footprint. Also, the environmental benefits of recycling are well known. The thriving scrap metal recycling industry is creating jobs and promoting economic

Scrap Metal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Why recycle scrap metal?

It takes far less energy to recycle metal rather than mine, purify and shape it.

Recycling metals also helps preserve key resources.

What is scrap metal used for?

Scrap metals such as aluminum, copper, steel, brass, and iron can be reused many times to make many new products, such as:

  • Construction – roads and bridges
  • Manufacturing – cars and aircraft
  • Containers
  • New and stronger metals
  • Furniture and fittings
Who collects scrap metal?

All American Metals Recycling can offer metal collection services throughout the United States.

How much is scrap metal worth?

It depends on the type of metal and other conditions, including:

  • Market Price
  • Location
  • Time of year
  • Demand
Why do scrap metal prices change?

Like all commodities, metal prices change with supply and demand, and the cost of production.

What scrap metal can be recycled?

As specialist buyers of works arising materials, we buy all grades of ferrous metals including heavy engineering grade carbon steels, through to lighter gauge mild steels and punching’s.

How can I get a fair price for my scrap metal?

Our integrity is of paramount importance to us. All materials are weighed on our own fully calibrated electronic public weighbridges.